The Canadian Sustainability Planning Inventory is a searchable database of sustainability plans and affiliated documents collected from all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. If you would like to contribute additional materials to this inventory, please contact

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  • Words less than 3 characters are not searched.
  • Common words (ie: is, and, the) are not searched.
  • Boolean operators
    • + The word must be present in each result (ex: +environmental).
    • - The word must not be present in any result (ex: environmental -water).
    • > and < Increase or decrease respectively the word's contribution to the relevance of the result.
    • ( ) Can group words into sub expressions.
    • ~ Causes the word to contribute negatively to the result's relevance. The result may still contain that word howener.
    • * Wildcard operator. Must be appended to the word (ex: environment*. *ronment will not work).

    Complete documentation about boolean search functionality can be found here.
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